lh test kit ovulation cassette

lh test kit ovulation cassette

Place of Origin: LH test is made in china
Brand Name:
We produce the best ovulation tests with your brand

Model Number:
It is easy at home ovulation testCASSETTE
Shelf Life:
3 years
Quality Certification:
Instrument classification:Class II
full name: one step LH Ovulation Test
Reaction Time:3-5minutes

Package:According client’s requirements.

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lh test kit ovulation card  RECARE ovulation prediction kit

When an egg is release from ovary, we call it as ovulation. This egg will flow into the fallopian tube and ready to be fertilized. If an egg is fertilized by sperms within 24 hours after its release.pregnancy will occur. Before ovulation, woman’s body generate a large amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) — precipitate releasing a ripened egg from the ovary.LH increase rapidly usually occurs on the middle of the menstrual .Ovulation prediction kit is a complete system to aid predict when ovulate, and the peak fertility. pregnancy is most possibly occur during fertile time.

LH Test (Urine) detects the surge of LH in urine,suggests that ovulation may occur within the next 24 – 36 hours. The ovulation predictor kit detects the increase of luteinizing hormone level by using antibody combination including monoclonal luteinizing hormone antibody.

Products Description

lh ovulation test kit
 LH in urine in all levels of medical institutions and at home for self-testing.
Reaction Time
3-5 minutes
Expiry date
3 years

Storage and stability

Store test strip at 4~30°C (room temperature). Avoid sunlight. The test is stable until the date imprinted on the pouch label.

Packing Details
Product name
one step RECARE fertility lh ovulation test cassette
Packing Details

Follow customer arrangementthe package of Lh rapid test cassette can be 1)50pcs/bag ,50bag/carton 2)50pcs/box,50boxes/carton,600000pcs/20ft container;3) 10pcs/box….



We also produce lh blood test

home check ovulation test kit

Advantage of  lh test kit ovulation cassette


The standard solution was tested with three transfer batches at a concentration of 0mIU/ml, 10mIU/ml, 25mIU/ml, 50mIU/ml, and 100mIU/ml hLH solution(WHO 2nd IRP HMG) and doing three times to each concentration . After 5-10 minutes,read results . The test results tell us:lh ovulation test kit manufacturing in our factory had shown the positive results at the concentration 25mIU/ml, it can prove that the sensitivity of the test is 25mIU/ml.


The three transfer batches were used to detect different human hormones in women to investigate whether these substances have interference effects on hLH test.

Negative solutions of lh test : 1) (200 mIU/ml FSH and 250µIU/ml TSH solutions without 25 mIU/ml hLH solution mixing);

Positive solutionsof lh test : 2) (200 mIU/ml FSH and 250µIU/ml TSH solutions with 25 mIU/ml hLH solution mixing)

Doing three times tests to each concentration have tests . Then read results within 5-10 minutes.

According to the ovulation urine test results, these lh hormone test all show negative results when detecting human hormones without 25 mIU/ml hLH solution mixing, and shown the positive results , so ovulation test will not appear cross reaction with these human hormone (200 mIU/ml FSH and 250µIU/ml TSH).


According to the test data, our ovulation test had a good performance compared with the best ovulation test, Same as the most accurate ovulation test, the accuracy of Lh test is above 99%.

Expiry date:3 years

Quality of traceability

As a LH rapid test manufacturer, we store the ovulation test samples of each order more than 3 years. When customers have any question about quality of ovulation kit, we will inspect the quality of samples . We hope our Lh test made in china is one of the best ovulation tests in the world.

Types of ovulation test manufactured in our factory

a.lh test strips, the width can be 2.5mm,3mm, 4mm,5mm

b.lh card test (cassette), the width ( ovulation urine test strips) is 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm

c.ovulation lh test midstream, the width (of lh ovulation strips inside stick) can be 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

About us

We have been manufacturing ovulation check kit for more than 20 years. 50% of lh hormone test are supplied to the top brands in the Chinese market, and we do OEM for them. 50% of the easy at home lh test output is exported to many brands in the world. As a lh test manufacturer, we continue to seek user needs through customers, and strive to achieve customer needs in the product. In recent years, we have adjusted the crawling speed of urine on the ovulation sticks and widened the control line and test line. And let the display results of uniform color full, so that the user can see more clearly. We’ve also sped up the time it takes for the lh test results to appear on the ovulation strips. The quality of our ovulation strips is becoming more and more perfect. At the same time, we cooperate with the best local printing factory, and the ovulation strips packaging can exceed the expectation to meet the customer’s demand, and the pattern is beautiful. To provide customers with perfect products is always our goal.

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