LH OvulationTest

One Step LH Urine Ovulation Test

The One-Step LH Ovulation Tests are qualitative immunoassaysfor detecting elevated levels of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine.The test is fast and easy to use. It is a qualitative test that canpredict when there is a LH (luteinizing hormone) surge, and inturn, when you are likely to ovulate.The One-Step LH Ovulation Tests measure LH with high sensitivity and are therefore ideally suited for Family Planning and Gynae Clinics.

LH 3.0mm cassette

LH 2.5mm strip

【 Packing 】 50pcs in apolybag,
50bags in a ctn,
【 Bag Size 】 60*120mm
【 Carton size 】 63*44.5*32cm

【 Packing 】 100pcs in a polybag,
100bags in a ctn
【 Bag Size 】 55*110mm
【 Carton size 】 63*49.5*39.2cm