Recare Lubricant

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Recare Lubricant

China Tianjin Recare Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the lubricant manufacturing industry and distribution in China, compare other wholesale personal lubricant suppliers, the validity period of our Recare sex gel lubricant can reach three years and it is kept in good condition. Our sex jelly lubricant is water-based, completely safe, soft, smooth, silky and gentle. we have many types of Recare lubricants in stock, we can ship within 7 days.

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Recare lubricant – tube package

【 Packing 】 18 tubes/midbox, 10 midboxes/carton
【 NET 】 100mL
【 MOQ 】 100 tubes
【 Shelf Life 】 36month

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Recare lubricant – bottle package

【 Packing 】 1bottle/small box/20 bottles/middle box.
10middle box/carton or OEM
【 NET 】 100mL
【 MOQ 】 100 bottles
【 Shelf Life 】 36month

ODM & OEM Personal Lubricant

We are private label personal lubricant manufacturer more than 25 years, have been the biggest ODM professional manufacturer in China. We can produce many types of human lubricants, such as classic lubricant, hyaluronic acid lubricant, freezing lubricant, warming lubricant, flavoured lubricant, delay lubricant, extra silky lubricants… Our lubricant has been sold in more than 160 countries.
We provide many types of human lubricant package, tube packing, bottle packing, bag packing…
We accept ODM order, welcome to contact us!

private label personal lubricant manufacturer
ODM & OEM sex lubricant

【 Packing 】 bottle, tube, bag…

【 NET 】 5ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml… or as required

【 MOQ 】 bottle pack:3000 bottles, tube pack: 3000tubes, bag pack: 50000bags

【 Shelf Life 】 36month

【 Color 】 colorless or as required

【 Flavor 】 Odorless, strawberry, aloe vera, or as required

【 Type】 classic lubricant, hyaluronic acid lubricant, freezing lubricant, warming lubricant, flavoured lubricant,  delay lubricant or as required