Infectious Disease Test

  • accurate oral hiv saliva aids test kit rapid antigen diagnostic tests early detection accuracy best at home self manufacturers

    saliva aids test is Available for oem

    Model: Strip , Cassette

    Expiry Date:saliva aids test is 2 years

    Instrument Classification:Class II  

    Quality Certification: CE ISO FSC,professional CE, ISO13485, FSC



    Specimen: Saliva

    Storage:Store saliva aids test in a dry and cool place at 2~30℃, do not freeze.

    Scientific name:hiv 1+2 Test Cassette(Saliva)

  • Diagnostic chlamydia urine/oral rapid test for men women at home self check trachomatis teste std pneumoniae antigen selbsttest schnelltest

    OEM/ODM:Available customer brand’s chlamydia test

    Model: Swab/Urine CARD

    Expiry Date: chlamydia teste is 2 years

    Instrument Classification: rapid chlamydia test is Class II

    Quality Certification: chlamydia diagnostic test is CE ISO FSC

    Sensitivity: quick chlamydia test is 84.8% (77.28%–90.58%)

    Specificity: quick chlamydia test is 95.4%(91.86%–97.66%)

    Accuracy:chlamydia check is 91.7% (88.36%–94.35%)

    Specimen: at home chlamydia test is by swab/urine

    Storage:store instant chlamydia test in (2-30℃)

    Scientific name:Chlamydia Trachomatis Antigen Rapid Test (Cassette)(Swab/Urine)

  • Hepatitis C HCV Diagnostic Rapid Test Antibody Igg (ab blood)and Antigen Quick test Kit (cassette)

    OEM/ODM:Available customer brand

    Model: Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma CASSETTE(CARD)

    Expiry Date: 2 years

    Instrument Classification:CLASS III

    Quality Certification: CE ISO FSC



    Accuracy: 99%

    Specimen:1.serum or plasma; 2.whole blood–serum–plasma;

    Storage: 2-30℃

    Scientific name: 1. HCV Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Test(Whole blood/Serum/Plasma)(Card)

                                     2.HCV Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Test(Serum/Plasma)(card)

  • hiv antigen combination Rapid test kit for aids combo P24 ag ab duo

    OEM/ODM: Availablen for hiv combo test

    Model of hiv duo test: Cassette

    Expiry Date: hiv ag ab test is 2 years

    Instrument Classification of hiv ag ab combo test: Class III

    Quality Certification of p24 antigen test kit : CE ISO

    Sensitivity of hiv duo combo test: 99.5%

    Specificity of hiv combi test: 99.8%

    Accuracy of p24 combo test: >99.8%

    Specimen of hiv 1 2 and p24 combo test:(1) Whole Blood(2)Serum (3)Plasma

    Storage: The test hiv ag ab combo can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated (2-30°C).

    Scientific name: The HIV Ag/Ab Combo Rapid Test

  • Medical manufacturer strep A test medical manufacturing companies quick test medical factory at home strep test

    OEM/ODM: Available

    Model: strep a test cassette

    Expiry Date of strep a test: 3 years

    Instrument Classification: Class II

    Quality Certification for strep a test: CE ISO FSC

    Sensitivity of strep a test: 97.1%

    Specificity of at home strep test: 99.4%

    Specimen for at home strep test: Only samples collected from the pharynx are allowed to be tested.

    Storage: Stored the at home strep throat test in an airtight bag at room temperature or refrigerated (2-30°C), the strep test kit is stable for the period printed on the airtight bag. Strep test kit must be kept in a airtight bag before use. Don’t freeze the strep test kit.

  • Oral gonorrhea blood rapid test kit at home

    OEM/ODM:Available Oem/ODM of gonorrhea test

    Mode of gonorrhea test at home :StripCassette/Midstream

    Expiry Date of gonorrhea urine test: 2 years

    Instrument Classification of gonorrhea test kit :Class II

    Quality Certification of gonorrhea blood test: CE ISO FSC

    Sensitivity of rapid gonorrhea test:91%

    Specificity of diagnostic test for gonorrhea:96%

    Accuracy oral gonorrhea test:94.5%

    Specimen of gonorrhea swab test:female cervical swab and male urethral swab specimens

    Storage of gonorrhea self test :The gonorrhea test store between 2-30°

    Scientific name of gonorrhea test:The Gonorrhea Rapid Test Cassette (Swab)

  • rapid diagnostic test pf malaria Cassette

  • Rapid hiv antibody diagnostic 1 and 2 blood test kit at home

    OEM/ODM: Available

    Model: Cassette

    Expiry Date: 2 years

    Instrument Classification: Class III

    Quality Certification: CE ISO

    Sensitivity: 99.5%

    Specificity: 99.8%

    Accuracy: >99.8%

    Specimen:(1) Whole Blood(2)Serum (3)Plasma

    Storage: The kit can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated (2‐30°C)

    Scientific name: HIV 1 and 2 Ab Raipid Test