Gonorrhoeae Test

  • Oral gonorrhea blood rapid test kit at home

    OEM/ODM:Available Oem/ODM of gonorrhea test

    Mode of gonorrhea test at home :StripCassette/Midstream

    Expiry Date of gonorrhea urine test: 2 years

    Instrument Classification of gonorrhea test kit :Class II

    Quality Certification of gonorrhea blood test: CE ISO FSC

    Sensitivity of rapid gonorrhea test:91%

    Specificity of diagnostic test for gonorrhea:96%

    Accuracy oral gonorrhea test:94.5%

    Specimen of gonorrhea swab test:female cervical swab and male urethral swab specimens

    Storage of gonorrhea self test :The gonorrhea test store between 2-30°

    Scientific name of gonorrhea test:The Gonorrhea Rapid Test Cassette (Swab)