Dengue Rapid Test

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    Model:dengue card test(cassette)

    Expiry Date:24 months

    Instrument Classification:Class III

    Quality Certification: CE ISO FSC

    Sensitivity of dengue test:95.8%

    Accuracy of dengue test:99%

    Specimen of dengue test: Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood

    Storage:The dengue test produce by in vitro diagnostics manufacturers need be stored at room temperature (18 to 30C) in the sealed pouch before the exp date. Please keep the oem ivd dengue blood test away from humidityb and direct sunlight.

    Scientific name:1.Dengue IgM and/or IgG Rapid Test Cassette 2.Dengue NS1 antigen Rapid Test Cassette 3.Dengue NS1 & IgM /IgG Rapid Test Cassette 




    Specimen:whole blood/plasma/serum


    Scientific name:Dengue IgG/Igm/NS1 combo rapid test device