How can I make my own design?

First, we will prepare the contract and require confirmation from both parties, include price, quantity, delivery time, design and more.


Second, we really hope to reduce your work, but still need some necessary, provide your design, and then we will send the design to you for confirmation, after we add the lot number to the design.


If there are no problems, then we will prepare bulk materials, then in production.

During the production process, we will take photos and videos of the production process. Our customers can know at any time the stage of their goods, avoiding customer’s worry and real time monitoring. One week before the completion of the production of the goods, we will notify you that the goods will be ready soon.


The you can contact your forwarder to book the space, then will send you all the B/L, invoice, packing list and other doc to handle customs clearance after the goods arrive at the port.

This is the website of our Alibaba:


Email: [email protected]



Company name: China Tianjin Recare Co., Ltd.

Address: Building 13-3, Shengjinyuan, Gulou Nancheng Street, Nankai District, Tianjin, China


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