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Hello everyone, I am popular science test paper knowledge Mr Gao, let’s review what kind of results we often get from consumers because of the non-correct operations. Okay, here we go: 


After we get the product, we first look at the batch number, production date, and expiration date of the product. 


If this product is valid, then open it at the cigarette seal (silver thread). Take out the urine cup and the test paper, and look at the test method in the box and the instruction. You must read the instruction before the test. it has detailed instructions in the box. When you open the box, you can see the instructions. Tear up the aluminium foil bag to see if the test paper is intact, And then look at the desiccant inside the aluminium foil bag, Blue silica gel indicates the normal desiccant. Check whether the desiccant has turned red. If it turns red, it’s damp. This one doesn’t have any red particles in it, so it works.


I use water instead of urine. When you pick up urine, you need to reach between two-thirds and four-fifths of the way through the cup. Neither too little, nor too much. if there’s little urine, it won’t come up. If there’s too much urine, the test will exceed the MAX glue arrow.


The test, if there’s too little urine, it won’t come up. If there is too much liquid, the test will exceed the MAX glue arrow. It is normal to close the MAX glue arrow. when the red liquid appears, lay the window flat.


Start the timer and read the result within one to five minutes. If you don’t have a timer, use your mobile phone or watch instead.


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