What should I pay attention to when using ovulation test strips?

Ovulation test paper (strip)

Test method:

Step 1: Hold the handle ending part and dip the arrow marked end into the urine. Be careful not to dip the urine over the arrow horizontal line. Hold it for 10-20s (seconds) and then take it out and lay it flatly.
Step 2: Lay the display window flat, see the results within 5-10 minutes.


1. Do not dip the Urine exceed the MAX line, and it is recommended to approach the MAX line
2. Do not insert the strip diagonally into the cup. Insert the strip vertically for a few seconds
3. Take it out and put it flat when the red liquid appears on the membrane.
4. Please take the test at a relatively fixed time every day. Do not drink a lot of water before the test and do not use the morning urine to do the test.

Interpretation of test results:

1. Positive (ovulation): Reaction line T has the same dark colour as control line C Or reaction line T is darker than control line C which indicates the peak value of LH.

2. Negative (non-ovulation): Response line T is lighter than control line C.

Or there is only one control line C, indicating that the LH peak has not occurred or the peak has passed away.

3. Invalid: no control line C appears within 5-10 minutes, please retest or contact the supplier.


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